GISEYE Value Converter

GISEYE Value Converter 1.2

GISEYE Value Converter software application is designed for...

GISEYE Value Converter software application is designed for quick conversion of different values from one presentation into another in the MS Windows environment.

The application has an easy-to-understand graphical user interface and enables to change the presentation format for time, distance, angle, geographic coordinates and other values by simply pressing the button.

For example, the specified value of latitude\longitude in decimal units can be transformed into ? degrees, minutes and seconds? by one-button pressing.

The user has a functional of visualization of color components into different formats for the selected color. GISEYE Value Converter application will let you specify parameters of arbitrary map projection using the unified control element or select a projection from a large number of standard projections.

It is possible to save the specified projection parameters in one of the standard presentations: PROJ4 or WKT (Well Known Text). In addition, the function of automatic azimuth and solar angle calculation is available for a specific geographical point at a specific time.

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GISEYE Value Converter


GISEYE Value Converter 1.2

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